Angel Blessings Oracle Cards and Mini Reading


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I am delighted to share my Angel Blessings Oracle cards both in a mini reading just for you and your own deck for you to use whenever you feel you need a little help to balance, inspire and guide you.

Email me to arrange a time for your reading.

The cards link everything I work with Angels, crystals, chakras and of course my art work, the deck consists of 49 cards 7 for each Chakra. There are 3 other cards in the deck to help explain how to use them but it is really simple, pull a card whenever you feel like it, every day if you wish for some daily guidance and a chakra to focus on you will receive a message, a crystal and an affirmation on that card.

You can take one message off the card or as much as resonates with you, listen to your inner voice to know what is right for you!

The cards are lovingly packaged in a black velvet bag and I have placed a crystal in each bag as I wanted the cards to have some crystal energy with them, you obviously will not know which crystal is in the bag but of course trust that you will receive exactly the right one for you!

I am sure you will love the positive energy of my beautiful cards.

Many Blessings to you all.

Debbie x