I am excited to have a new creative project and I am happy to help you find out your power animal and create them for you on canvas.

Do you know or have a sense of your power animal?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t, I have a few questions which will help me connect and get a sense of what animal it may be.

  I have studied many aspects on my spiritual journey of both shamanic and the angelic realms and believe connecting with your guides whoever they are can be a very useful tool in your spiritual toolbox.

I have 2 options;

1. I can help you connect with your power animal and with meditation, research and a few questions to confirm what your power animal could be, this is £25.

2. I can do all of the above and then bring your power animal to life on a canvas for you. The price is £89.95

Let me know if you would like me to do either of these for you?

I paint on a 12 x 10inch canvas I will add a relevant crystal to the back of the canvas too, which will add another healing energy to the painting.

It will be my pleasure to connect with your energy and bring your power animal to life!

Have a look at some of the power animals I have created below.

Many Blessings

Debbie x